What is this supposed to be about?

Good question!

I was surfing around a bit today and ended up on Freshly Pressed (WordPress), where I found the blog A year of reading the world. It is an inspiring blog that everybody interested in books should take a look at.
But what does this have to do with me and this blog? Well, I felt the sudden urge to do just the same thing: reading a book from each country. I searched around a bit more and found different bloggers doing exactly the same thing, so I wanted to become one of them and here I am. As a matter of fact that I don’t have much time to read nowadays, so therefore I won’t be doing this in just one year. For me, it seems impossible. I tend to read about 30 books a year and taking a short glimpse at only Europe where I am living… you can do the math yourself. So I will do this project if you want to call it like that without a certain time-frame. I will take as much time as it will take.

This blog is going to consist of recommendations, book-lists, reviews and other random book-related stuff (at least I hope it will do so as soon as I get into the reading). Also, it will push me a bit more into reading some of the over 200 unread books I own. Just atking a quick look at them earlier this afternoon had me looking at books from at least 10 different countries. Not so bad for a start, hm? Plus it will keep me from buying new ones right now. I will do it anyway… 😉

A few lines about me then: I’m a student studyin for my master’s degree in fennougrian linguistics and scandinavian literature. Therefore: Yes, reading is sort of my profession and yes, I don’t get tired of it.


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