What kind of countries? What kind of books?

Well. Those are two questions really good to begin with, because I sure don’t know yet. As I read on many other blogs alike, it’s more or less going to be a decision I will make in the beginning, but the ideas might develop and change, as well as politics might do. I am not going to take on a political position here now, but it is a matter of fact that deciding what defines a country and which countries are officially accepted worldwide has to do with politics. No matter what: I will probably begin with the United Nations list of member states. There might be some changes during my reading progress, but I think I will be very busy with ‘just’ starting with that one. Maybe I should integrate a world map into this blog, too? Hm…

Anyway. What about defining what country a book comes from? Good question. What I think is the following:

  • The book must be written in the country’s official language (if there is more than one of them, it doesn’t really matter which one to take.
  • The author is born in that country. Perfect would be if he was raised there, too. But I won’t be extremely picky on that, I guess.
  • The book should be an important piece of the country’s literature or dealing with topics related to the country or the people living there.

Those are my first thoughts. I might add some points to this list later on when I started doing a bit of proper research.


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