6. Austria: Gut gegen Nordwind

Daniel Glattauer. 2008. Gut gegen Nordwind. Goldmann. München.

Daniel Glattauer was born in Vienna in 1960 and from the age of 25 on he has been a journalist and author. Since 1989 he writes for the newspaper “Der Standard” and some of his books have actually been made into movies.

Glattauer’s Love virtually is a postmodern novel written in form of e-mails. It all happens by accident: Protagonist Emmi wants to quit her subscription of a magazine but accidentially writes to Leo, who kindly replies that she has the wrong adress.
Somehow they start a conversation via mail, beind total strangers but soon developing an emotional bond which is making it hard for them to stop writing to each other. Their virtual relationshipt gets so deep that they feel jealousy when talking about other people in their lives and soon they get the feeling they want to meet each other, yet they are being afraid that the relationship might not last if they really do.
I enjoyed this book because it was an easy, yet nice read. It makes you think about how realtionships work today and how a digital one could actually influence your emotions and way of thinking. Who of you actually have digital relationships and how many of them turn into real ones?
Nevertheless it wasn’t as deep as it might sound. The characters sometimes act not so naturally and the whole development gets to a point where it sounds too constructed to be true or believable. The ending was totally cutting everything off and not really fitting. It seemed to harsh and too soon, leaving too many things unsaid and undeveloped. That is actually quite a shame because it could have been a way deeper read if it had had a bit more of an… ending.
Maybe one should read the second book in this series, Every Seventh wave, to get a better picture of the author’s intention. I can say though, that I have actually read worse books. If you enjoy short and easy reads, this is your book.


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