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6. Austria: Gut gegen Nordwind

Daniel Glattauer. 2008. Gut gegen Nordwind. Goldmann. M├╝nchen. Daniel Glattauer was born in Vienna in 1960 and from the age of 25 on he has been a journalist and author. Since 1989 he writes for the newspaper “Der Standard” and some of his books have actually been made into movies. Glattauer’s Love virtually is a … Continue reading

5. Germany: Beerholms Vorstellung

Daniel Kehlmann. 2007. Beerholms Vorstellung. rororo. Hamburg. Daniel Kehlmann is from the younger generation of German authors. He was born in Munich in 1975, but lives in Vienna today. His most famous book is Measuring the world, one of the best selling German books in recent literature history. Kehlmann has been criticised a lot but … Continue reading

4. Denmark: Ehrengard

4. Denmark: Ehrengard

Tania Blixen. 1990. Ehrengard. Suhrkamp. Frankfurt am Main. Well, first of all there is to say, that Tania Blixen isn’t the author’s real name, but nevertheless many novels of hers were published under this name. Actually her name is Karen Blixen (1885 – 1962), so don’t ask me, please, how she ended up becoming Tania. … Continue reading

3. Sweden: Anna, Hanna och Johanna.

I must excuse myself that it took me so long for the next review, but I had so many things to do that I have hardly time to read. For more recent reviews on nearly everything, please check out my other blog! ­čÖé Marianne Fredriksson. 1995. Anna, Hanna och Johanna. Wahlstr├Âm & Widstrand. Falun. My … Continue reading

2. Finland: Im Wald der gehenkten F├╝chse.

Arto Paasilinna. 2007. Im Wald der gehenkten F├╝chse. BLT. Bremen. I studied Finnish and some classes in Finnish literature at university, so finding a book for Finland was an easy choice, too, even though I already read a lot of books written by Finnish authors. If you would like to read something unique, you should … Continue reading

1. Norway: Das ist Alise.

Jon Fosse. 2005. ┬áDas ist Alise. Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag. Hamburg. As I study scandinavian literature it wasn’t very hard for me to get some material to get started with my project. I still had (and have) a huge amount of books by scandinavian authors, so I already had something to choose from at home. Especially … Continue reading